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Thread: Looking for a 1989 STV interview with Iain

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    Default Looking for a 1989 STV interview with Iain

    Hello, everyone and anyone;

    so it's been over four years now. I imagine the likelihood is pretty high that anyone who happens to read this will also be able of understand the sentiment: I still haven't quite managed to come to terms with it; I miss the idea that out there in the world there's Iain thinking about his next story. About once a month, I google for Iain Banks-related news. I still haven't read The Quarry for wanting to have one last tale to look forward to.

    In the meanwhile, I started gathering whatever remains of Iain in the world: essentially whatever I could find on the internet. Mostly interviews, the odd article from the Guardian website, videos on YouTube from conventions and festivals. (After learning that Iain had a "soft spot" for Barrington J. Bayley, I read everything of Bayley's I could get my hands on. I was overjoyed when Ken MacLeod revealed a one-sentence summary of the last planned and ultimately unwritten Culture novel. Iain's working notes on two of his novels, made available by the infamous Iain Banks iPhone app when I finally gained access to it, were nearly as enjoyable as the novels themselves to me. I still hope to be able to read The Secret Courtyard one day.)

    Here's when I'd like to ask for your help.

    I remember there being a video featuring young Iain with longish reddish hair on YouTube; it was a UK TV program, about an hour in length. Aired probably on STV in 1989, judging by this post linking to it. There was a female interviewer, the locale seemed to be Iain's home and at one point the copy of L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics with bullet holes in it was prominently displayed.

    I never quite managed to download the video, and now it's been removed from YouTube.

    If you could help me track the interview down (perhaps you are similarly obsessive and there's a copy of it on your hard drive?), please let me know. It would make my life a little nicer.

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    The programme was called Off the Page, and the interview was with Jenny Brown.
    The location was (I think) Iain's flat on South Bridge Street, 31/3.
    Yes I have a copy. Well I have four parts which total twenty something minutes, but it has the book close up.
    Drop me a line.

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