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Thread: Was Espedair Street's ' Frozen Gold ' based on any living band ?

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    Default Was Espedair Street's ' Frozen Gold ' based on any living band ?

    Hi Guys ,
    I'm about a third way in to ' Espedair Street ' and got thinking whether Iain would have based his fictitious band ' Frozen Gold ' upon any living band of the time ?
    I visualise them as a sort of ' Fleetwood Mac ' type of band - music that appeals to the masses without being too ' poppy ' - having said that the main character , Davey Weir comes across as a ' Lemmy ' type from ' Motorhead but only because he's big and ugly , not by the type of music I'm visualising ' Frozen Gold ' playing , perhaps I should say he's more of a ' BA Robertson ' type seeing as he's a Scot ??

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    What I can remember from interviews and the like with Banks is that Frozen Gold were not based on any particular band but are a conglomeration of several 70s stadium style prog rock/pop bands - def a lot of Fleetwood Mac plus Marrillion (Weird is loosely based on Fish, a friend of Iains). I've always thought a bit Pink Floyd too.

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