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Thread: Dictionary of National Biography Entry

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    Default Dictionary of National Biography Entry

    There was an update to the Dictionary of National Biography yesterday. I had been waiting for it as it would be the first one where those that died in 2013 would be eligible. Sure enough there is an article about Iain Banks written by Val McDermid, and just over 2000 words in length. There are a few tweaks I would make to it for factual accuracy, but it is great to see Iain honoured in this way. I am sure he would have laughed to be categorised as “author and composer”.

    The entry is at: http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/106888 although you will probably need to log in, but if you are in the UK you may find that you have access via your local library website.
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    Got to it via my local (well county) library's website... just needed my library card number.

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