It occured to me to come up with a way to classify civilizations according to their per captia energy consumption.

Since the kardashev scales is too rough , I decided to start with a smaller scale:

The base of the scale is the energy consumption of a person during a year :
912,500 Kcal per year
1,058 kwh per year
3.81 gigajoules per year

A nomadic tribe with no cattle would be a type 0 civilization, because they only have their own energy to get things done.
A type 1 civilization would consume 38.1 gj per capita per year
A type 2 civilization would consume 381 gj per capita per year

Aztecs and Mayans , having no cattle, but access to wood would be a 0.43 civilization.
Mongols, having one horse per person and burning materials would be a 0.9 civilization.
Romans having less horses, would probably be in between: 0.7 civilization

A very poor country , like afghanistan would be a 0.3 civilization.
Costa Rica which is currently the model of a resource conservative country would be a 1.0 civilization.
Countries in western Europe would be between 1.4 and 1.7 civs
The US would be a 1.9 type civ
Surprisingly Iceland , the world's top energy consumer would be a 2.2 civ according to this scale ( I am clueless on how they spend such an inordinate amount of energy..heating their homes in winter maybe ? ).

Can you think of any other ways to classify civilizations ?
Any suggestions for the scale ?