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Thread: Chris Moriarty : in memory of Iain Banks

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    Default Chris Moriarty : in memory of Iain Banks


    Chris writes in the "Fantasy & Science Fiction free exclusive digest" for July, available on the Kindle thingy, about Iain Banks. He shares my own understanding regarding the Culture, i.e. it's unclear if they're being presented as a utopia or a dystopia. Iain's masterly use of unreliable narrative and partial reveals lets us form our own view of it (as in my own favourite "Inversions"). Read the article, you might disagree with the views expressed, but I liked it.

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    Thanks OV, a fine piece that sums up what I find most compelling about Banks, his SF, particularly the Culture novels, is satisfying on both intellectual and emotional levels, probably why so many of else want to live there.

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