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Thread: Culture Ship Names

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    GCU Can I Copy Your Fortran Homework
    GSV Back In Ten Picominutes
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROU Read After Burning View Post
    GSV Y2 to the power of 56 Problem

    Won't let me do superscript
    GCU Y256 Problem
    Lurker at the threshold

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    No Problem!
    Lurker at the threshold

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    ROU You're Confusing Me With Someone Who Gives A Shit

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    Another retro post.

    Where's the toilet
    I'll call round later
    Nice hair cut
    I wouldn't go in there for a while
    Come here and say that

    Be nice when it's finished
    My other ship is a GSV
    100000 babies on board
    a bird in the field...

    somebody's going to get their eye put out
    Give it a good shake

    Scratch MY itch
    You may be right... but i dont care
    This can be our little secret
    Now its your problem too

    Now its your problem too

    If you can read this, you're dead
    Last refuge of a politician
    How's about a dedication?

    These are all private jokes.
    They're unfunny.
    I'm not laughing or amused.
    Stop it all of you. You're letting the side down.

    GCU Very diverse threads
    GSV Ever changing topic

    ROU Barbara Cartland

    GSV Have A Go Spoombung

    you call that a knife?

    did the wind change?

    ROU Barbara Cartland
    ROU Looking at me, pal?
    ROU You showed me yours, now I'll show you mine
    ROU Salt in your Vaseline
    ROU Cracking my knuckles
    ROU Break glass in case of war
    GCU Here's looking at you, kid
    GSV Outta the way, I'm coming through
    GSV But, seriously. . . .
    GSV Phil Collins Fan Club

    I can't believe you guys are still at it!!!
    Grown men arseing around! Who started this thread?
    GSV Ipswich Town FC

    ROU My turn

    - No Pun Intended
    - Look No Hands
    - Very Sharp Stick
    - Weapons of Mass Deception
    - ...And Another Thing
    ROU Clerical Error
    GSV Biblical Proportions

    ROU - Is It Just Me?

    ROU - Silly Mid On
    GSV - Square Leg

    GCU Middle Wicket

    ROU You And Whose Army?
    ROU This Sector Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us
    ROU Diplomacy Was Never My Strong Suite
    GOU Such A Pretty Big Red Button
    GSV Authority Figure
    GSV It Was Like That When I Got Here
    GSV Is This Thing Switched On?
    MSV Trying To Keep A Straight Face
    CGU A Certain Point Of View
    CGU Mister Average
    CGU Insert Witty Name Here
    Superlifter Just Big Boned

    ROU Synthetic Paragon Rubber Company

    ROU Forget And Fire

    GSV Undue Overtones

    Very Fast Picket Angle of Impudence

    GSV give it a rest

    The GSV "Non illegitimus tatum carborundum !"

    The ROU "I was Just Following Orders"

    The Dimiliterised ROU "Weapon of Mass Distraction"

    "I have no recollection of that event!"

    Demilterised ROU "Forgive and Forget"

    ROU Innocence is no excuse
    ROU Psychosis is only one state of mind
    ROU Lets dance
    ROU AI avenger

    GSV Expense account
    GSV Grave robber
    GSV Delays possible
    GSV Did I say do that?
    GSV Terminally amused
    GSV Final repayment

    GSV (eccentric) Does my Mind look big in this?

    Would anyone like some toast?

    GCU You are forgiven

    GCU I'd Loose This If It Wasn't Screwed On
    ROU Dead Man Walking
    GSV Are We There Yet?
    GSV (eccentric) Do Not Feed After Midnight
    GCU Reverse, Reverse!

    'Hands up, those of you who are alive'

    Superlifter 4 Sugars please
    GSV Mildly Inebriated
    GSV Sarcasm is a virtue
    GSV Stickytape or Glue?
    GSV Unimaginable Aggrandizement
    GSV Dread and The Fugitive Mind (Megadeth Song Title)
    GCU If I had feet I'd be wearing shiny shoes
    GCU Am I wearing a Tie?
    GOU A Little Less Conversation
    GOU Here one minute, Gone the next
    GOU Here, Let Me Escort You
    GOU Killed with superiour skill
    ROU Catch me if you can

    Do you remember the days... *wistful look*

    Shuttle Perverse Almost Religious
    ROU But What About The Children?
    GSV What'd you call me?
    ROU Single Fingured Hand Gestures
    Superlifter Nah,Just Motivated
    GCU No Sense of Humour
    GCU I'm With That Guy -->
    GCU No Sense Of Humour
    ROU A World of Hurt
    GSV Extravaganza As ****
    ROU Looking Down The Gun Barrel
    ROU Terminal Atomic Headache
    GCU Hail Providence
    ROU Know Thy Enemy
    ROU Cold Steel For An Iron Age
    ROU The Malevolent Creation
    ROU Gamma Ray Goggles
    GCU Call Me Guv'nor
    ROU End of Green
    ROU Terrorwheel
    GSV The Don

    ROU Sickening Sense Of Humour
    ROU Mines Bigger
    GSV Ain't No Paperweight
    ROU Friendly Fire Isn't
    GCU A Blessing In Disguise
    GCU Silently Content
    GSV Big Friendly Giant
    GSV Great Balls Of Plasma
    GCU Private Joke
    ROU No Need For Stealth
    ROU All Guns Blazin!
    ROU Harmony Dies
    GCU The Narcoleptic
    (eccentric)GCU They Didn't Have A Straight Jacket Big Enough
    ROU The Controlled Psychopath

    GSV Sweeper Service
    GCU Bottom Of The Barrel
    Superlifter Heres Johnny!
    GCU Acute Stupidity Syndrome
    GSV So Ironic
    GCU You Don't Get The Joke yet
    GSV The Greater Good
    Superlifter One fast mother...
    ROU It Ends Now
    ROU Forced To Be Nice
    ROU Axis of Advance
    GSV Acts of God
    Superlifter FULL SPEED AHEAD
    GSV I think therefore I am
    ROU The Feelings Mutual
    ROU The Beautiful Nightmare

    ROU If You Can Read This...
    GCU My Other Ship is a GSV

    GCU Mind on board

    ROU Are You Saved?

    Immovable Object and/or Irresistible Force
    Someday You’ll Thank Me
    I Wouldn’t, If I Were You
    Not So Fast!
    Hardware Error
    Close Enough For Government Work
    A Bit Too Late For Talk
    You Can Keep Your Hat On
    Apocalypse, in a Minute or Two
    Say Please
    Insufficient Evidence My Ass
    Anything But That!
    Don’t Mind Me

    Superlifter Grin And Bear It
    GSV Inintended Birth
    GCU Frugal Philanthropist
    GCU Spin Doctor
    ROU Cunning Linguist
    GSV Boozy Lunch
    ROU Gay Abandon

    GSV Private Function
    GSV But Perfectly Formed
    GSV Do you think he saw us?
    GSV With Bells On
    GCU Strangely Brown
    GCU Be Aggressive
    GCU Plot Device
    GCU General Service Vehicle
    LOU My Finger
    ROU Got Legs
    GOU Hose Job
    GOU Protect and Sever
    GOU Rebuttal
    GOU Not in the Face

    GSV Take Me Take Me
    GSV Ominous Rumblings

    ROU Ooops

    ROU I Have Right Of Way
    ROU It Ran Into My Missile
    GSV Waiting For Inspiration
    GCU What Have We Here?

    I drink therefore I am!

    ROU have a nice rest of your life
    GSV nice to meet you

    ROU Nose Job
    dROU Get My Point?
    dROU Grid Worker
    GSV [No Subject]

    GCU Working GirlROU Eraserhead
    Superlifter Gritting My Teeth
    GOU What Star?
    GSV Triage Principle
    GCU Not Eddible
    GCU Game Theory
    MSV Mind For Free (Eccentric)
    GSV Borderline Syndrome (Ulterior)

    I want to be Cultured

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    GSV Accessible Matter (paperback)

    Bang, expand, hssss.

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    GCU The Shoulder of Orion
    ROU Tannhauser Gate
    ...and whistled for a baboon!

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    ROU (derelict) Once We Were Warriors

    GSV IPA Is The Answer: What Was The Question?

    GCU The Long And Winding Road That Leads To Your Dreary Orbital

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    GCU Grumpy Old Mind
    I want to be Cultured

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