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Thread: Culture Ship Names

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    These are the first 5 pages worth, if this works I'll keep editing this reply until it's full.

    GSV Morning Breath
    ROU Flick to Kick

    Eat Your Greens
    I'm Not Made Of Money
    I Could Eat A Horse

    Left at the next Star
    Is that a banana
    I think I'm going to Puke
    Lets take a holiday
    You can if you believe you can
    I'll smash your face in but with a smile


    ROU your egg's broken but mine is ok
    ROU shall I be mummy?
    ROU is this galaxy taken?

    GCU Send in the Clowns

    Edge of Forever
    Touch the Sun
    Lucifer's Hammer
    Other side of Midnight
    Haunted by Shadows
    Cilliding in Mind
    Uncloud the Sky
    Blinded by Euphoria

    Proceed with Necessary Haste
    Where You Born in a Field?
    Mutually Assured Attraction
    Go Away, I'm Thinking
    Mine's a Beer

    LSV Unjustified Optimism

    Remember This Moment
    Got Any Asprin
    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
    Was It Meant To Be That Colour?
    My Tummy Feels Funny
    Is This Seat Taken?

    ROU - Famous Last Words
    ROU - Road Rage
    ROU - Live A Little
    Heavy Lifter - My Left Foot
    GSV - Darn Tootin'!
    GSV - Honto Ni Desu Ne!
    GSV - Stop Me If You've Heard This One
    GSV - Save The Whales!
    GSV - Sew Buttons On Your Underwear
    GSV- Breastfed Baby

    Don't Die Of Ignorance

    If I've told you once I'v told you a thousand times
    The Physicist
    Die Laughing
    If the world ended now no-one would care

    Can You Tell What It Is Yet?
    Stupid Answers to Stupid Questions
    Turn Left at the Next Orbital
    Do You Feel Lucky, Punk

    GSV Cheap as Chips
    GSV Call Back Later
    GCU Thanks for Calling
    ROU Not in my Back Yard
    (D)ROU Playing a Sweeper

    Come & have a go if you think your hard enough (sorry )

    You're Sh!t And You Know You Are

    The face that sank a 1000 ships

    bigmouth strikes again
    heaven knows i'm miserable now
    some girls are bigger than others
    girlfriend in a coma

    "does life seem worthwhile to you?"

    Violence Is Golden
    Back From Somewhere
    All This I Did For You
    You're Not Funny Anymore
    Cure For Pain
    Help Me, I'm Sick

    GSV Slapper

    Put 'em away love
    If you pick your nose, your head will cave in
    Blurting our some nonsense

    Just Made it To The Loo
    Is That Real?
    My Mum's Got One Of Those

    Steel God of the Last Apocalypse
    Agony is my Name
    The Rain of a Thousand Flames
    Pardon me whilst I go and do something Private
    Not for me thanks, I'm Driving

    GSV Sailors Welcome

    Are we there yet?
    Is that light meant to be flashing?
    Are you sure that it's meant to go there?
    If there's grass on the green you can bowl at the wicket

    Artificial Stupidity
    Anger Management
    You Can't Put That There (sister model to antsjd suggestion)

    GSV Is it meant to do that?
    GSV Did you spot the deliberate mistake?
    ROU Open wide, say Aaaarrgghhh
    ROU Hope you like explosions
    ROU I haven't seen one of those for years
    ROU Are you religious?

    leather seating
    why won't u talk to me
    disaster area
    something to hide
    nobodies perfect
    alright i'm stupid
    My brain is my second favorite organ.

    GSV Nicked at dawn
    GSV Where's the fun in that
    ROU Not now dear

    If you don’t get out of my way I’m taking you down
    The transperambulation of psydo-cosmic antimatter
    I’ll philosophize on it when I’m dead
    If you ignore all the mindless violence I’m really a nice guy
    Don’t keep blaming your self, blame your self once and move on (thanks Homer for that one)
    Look out that wind! Ha, made you look

    No, Not That Hole
    You Won't Feel A Thing

    GCU It Was Like That When I Got Here

    Where does all the fluff come from?

    it's my ball
    go with the flow
    is that right ? did you take many photos ?
    that's no moon
    personnal problems

    ROU Something Had To Be Done
    GSV Look And You Shall Find

    GSV Couldn't care if I tried
    ROU Hideously indefensible sense of humour

    GCU Fix It!
    GOU Camouflage
    GSV A Bit Of A Yawn

    GCU zzzzzzz...

    GSV Zwitter

    Eccentric "Do I Look Like I Care?"
    Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
    I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours
    Partisan Politics
    GSV General Systems Failure
    Abort, Retry or Cancel

    Touching Cloth
    Shooting Blanks
    Kim Deals' Bass
    Would The Last Person To Leave........
    Dusty Springfield
    Does What It Says On The Tin

    ROU Throwing Toys Out The Crib
    ROU Stercorum Pro Cerebro Habes
    GSV Did You See What I Did There?
    GSV Stupid Linguist
    ROU Remember To Wash Your Hands

    where's my face gone
    unlimited vocabulary
    ill sh/t your pants
    sometimes i act as stupid as i look

    on your knee's
    what you staring at

    drunkship of lanterns
    this apparatus must be unearthed
    if you do that again ill mark you for life

    That's Another Fine Mess You've Got Me Into
    You Push and I'll Pull
    Extended Panic Functionality (guess where I nicked that from, but it sounds good)
    Broad Sweeping Statement

    "In a month of Sundays"
    "Thank fu(k its Friday"
    "See you next Tuesday"

    GSV Staying At Home This Year
    ROU One Out All Out
    GCU Chicken Or Fish?
    I want to be Cultured

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    I recognise some of those
    "Just have fun"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champagne Socialist View Post
    These are the first 5 pages worth, if this works I'll keep editing this reply until it's full.
    It would be preferable if you added them as additional posts.

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    ROU Point Zero To Fun
    ROU Found Wanting
    GSV Didn't Stop When It Started
    GSV An Uncultured Mind Brings Misery


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    Hello lazarus

    GSV Time to be Free
    VFP Planet Smasher
    ROU Small gun big *&%
    GCU Facing the end times
    "Just have fun"

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    ROU I didnt think it was loaded
    GCU Sorry, wrong number
    GSV Bad parent
    GSV Mind the step

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    cider country


    GSV Mind the Gap
    GSV Wait til your father gets home

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    ROU I Am The One You Warned Me Of
    ROU Harvester Of Eyes
    ROU Tattoo Vampire

    All Reaper Class.
    Lurker at the threshold

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    GCU I Thought I Was Doing All The Talking
    ROU Nibble On This
    GCU You First
    GCU A Profound Lack of Insight
    ROU Ha, You Blinked
    GCU No, But I Believe You Did
    GCU Out Of Gravitas, Send Dignitas
    GCU I Thought You Had The Gravitas
    GSV Last Week's Arcanum
    LSV Garbage In, Garbage Out
    ROU Pure Hubris

    Ah, I'm spent for now.
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    GSV Y2 to the power of 56 Problem

    Won't let me do superscript

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