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Thread: Forum Temporarily Closed to New Members

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    Exclamation Forum Temporarily Closed to New Members

    Howdo Folks -

    My sincere apologies, but I've had to close the forum to new members for the time being. There has been an explosion of spam-bot sign-ups since the start of the year (around 2,000+ since Jan 1st) which is taking a monumental amount of time to plough through. I'm hoping to install a patch later in the week that might help, but in the meantime, I've had to shut down the registration process.

    Thanks for your understanding, apologies for any inconvenience caused and with any luck I'll have the situation back under control before too long.

    Forum Admin

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    Apologies folks - it's been a manic couple of weeks with a couple of project deadlines brought forward unexpectedly, so I haven't had chance to sort out the spam issues just yet. Bear with me and hopefully I'll have it all sorted before too long.

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    Quick update: Nightmare! vBulletin apparently doesn't include an automatic or manual backup utility (I'll be having words about that, believe me), admin utilities refuse to work, possibly due to server configuration issues beyond my control...

    ...long and short of it is I don't want to run any upgrade scripts until I've been able to take a proper backup, just in case (sod's law being what it is) so until I can resolve those issues we're still in limbo.

    Apologies to any potential new members who want to join but can't - normal service will be restored just as soon as possible...

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    Finally, I've managed to sort out those software issues and run the update, which should hopefully help with the spambot problems we've been having.

    However, the forum will remain closed to new members until Thursday February 17th, on the grounds that I'm out of the office early next week, so I won't be able to check / approve any accounts until then anyway.

    Apologies once again to anyone who has been prevented from signing up in the past month or so.

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    Just a quick note to confirm that the forum is once more open to new registration applications. Fingers crossed it'll stay that way...

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