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Thread: How to use the Troubleshooting Section

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    Exclamation How to use the Troubleshooting Section

    Howdo folks -

    At the request of forum member Deep Black, I've set up this open section of the site so that anyone who's having minor difficulties with the forum (not sure how to use some of the features, something not working the way you think it should do, etc.) can post a message describing their problem, in the hope that a regular member, moderator or forum admin (me) might be able to help.

    To keep this process as simple and streamlined as possible, please bear the following in mind:

    1) Always check the existing posts in the Troubleshooting section to see if anyone else has had the same problem as you and a solution has already been suggested.

    2) Please use the thread title to make the nature of your problem as obvious as possible at first glance. "Unable to assign a Post Icon to a thread" is succinct, clear and useful. "Having trouble posting stuff" is not.

    3) In the main body of the thread, please describe your problem as clearly and distinctly as you can. Include any steps you have attempted to take to fix the problem already.

    4) Please only post a reply to a Troubleshooting thread if your response likely to be helpful and / or useful in solving the problem. Endless repetitions of "yeah, me too" or "bounce" will just make the posts unnecessarily long and cluttered.

    Any more serious problems or technical issues please feel free to send a PM straight to me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please near in mind though that I'm not a 24hr tech support service - I only work UK office hours and generally have a lot on my plate, so please do be patient.


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    Nice one Darren, thanks for setting that up (it is Darren isn't it?, moment of doubt)
    "Just have fun"

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