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Thread: Dead Air

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    Default Dead Air

    I can't remember the exact words but Iain said that Ken Nott the main character in Dead Air was basically him and Ken has issues;

    Sectarianism, scottish identity, attitudes to muslim dress, scottish football, holocaust denial and israeli attitudes to name some of them.

    Ken discusses the issues that forumites get threads closed for.

    The story's a bit of a vehicle for the opinionating but enjoyable nevertheless.

    The novel can also be linked with Transition insofar that both books hint at 9/11 in their respective plots on their book jacket blurb but neither book features 9/11 in the stories to any great deal.
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    I recently finished re reading this book, I feel it's iain's most overtly political book, it's the one where he gets to use the point of view character to deliver, I think, what were his own views.

    It's an enjoyable read though and it makes me miss him more.


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