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Thread: Least Fave.

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    Hmm, I'd have to go with Garbadale and Complicity. If I ever get over my feelings about it being "the last," The Quarry may, sorry to say, go on this list. We'll see in a few years.
    "No, I like my lot as well as any other."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Black View Post
    Welcome Skyehammer

    Only buying hard backs eh? Hardcore

    Have you read any of the "M"s yet?
    Thanks , Deep Black - Like most people I started off buying paperbacks from second hand book shops then in old age [ I'm 61 next March ] I decided that I would collect books of authors I enjoy , books which may become valuable or books that are valuable that I manage to acquire at an affordable price [ to me ] so yeah , it has to be hardbacks or nothing !

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