Dear Iain [M] Banks fan -

Hello and welcome to the new-look Iain [M] Banks fan forum! Come on in, pull up a chair and join in the conversation. After all, that's what the fan forum is all about.

We do hope that you'll enjoy being a member of our little online community. We don't have too many ground-rules, but the main one we do hold to is this: treat everyone else in the forum as you'd hope (and expect) to be treated yourself and we'll all get along just fine.

But do bear in mind, this forum is run and managed by Iain's publishers, so we do have to ensure that certain standards - of civility, friendliness and usefulness are maintained at all times.

To that end, we've appointed a number of moderators, who have been given the remit to keep a watchful eye on things and deal with any situations that might arise.

Their decision is final in all things and please do treat them with a modicum of extra respect. They're giving up their free time out of a love for Iain Banks' fiction and the Fan Forum community, so please do do your utmost to make their jobs around here as easy as possible.

Thank you!

The Website Admins
October 2008